“What’s Under that Log?” Publication Day!

We are excited to announce that 8Trees Inc. has published a brand-new children’s book called, “What’s Under That Log?” written by our Research Associate and herpetologist, Dr. Katharine Yagi, and illustrated by our very own digital artist, Heather Yagi.

This book is all about investigating the nature around you and introduces children to the study of herpetology. Herpetology is a branch of zoology that studies amphibians and reptiles.

Katharine’s inspiration for the book came from her son, Félix’s curiosity for nature, and every creeping-crawling animal out there. As soon as he could walk, Félix was digging around outside looking for worms and bugs. He quickly learned that the critters can be more easily found under rocks and logs.

After spending some time at his daycare, showing the group of toddlers a toad and some bugs found in their play yard, Katharine could see that most children would love to learn more about what animals live right in their backyard.

Thanks to Félix’s profound curiosity for the outside world, Katharine had an idea that became the inspiration for this marvelous book.

Of course, a children’s book is most memorable with lots of colorful art! Katharine’s youngest sister Heather, who happens to be a trained digital artist, was happy to take on the challenge of illustrating this poetic story.

Shortly after the publication day, Katharine was interviewed by the St. Catharines Standard to speak more about our book. Check out the article here.

For those interested in purchasing a copy of “What’s Under that Log?”, you can place orders with the publisher directly, from Amazon, and soon from Indigo bookstores!