8Trees Inc. conducts ecological research in the field of conservation biology, in partnership with various Universities and other organizations. Many of our projects investigate the impacts of damaged or altered habitat on the behaviour and survival of species-at-risk populations.


8Trees Inc. incorporates ecological restoration in all projects where possible. Restoration efforts include adding carbon to degraded soils to support native plant growth, removing drainage features to re-establish wetland pockets, removal of invasive species, planting native species and overall site monitoring to check and balance management measures.

Citizen Science

We encourage public participation for our data gathering projects! While there are many organizations working to gather information about the world's biodiversity, there are still many data gaps! The goal of this initiative is to mobilize both the community and professionals to collect accessible and unbiased baseline data across this urbanizing landscape.

Data Collection Tools

Collecting enough adequate data is necessary for all environmental projects, whether it is for scientific research or planning development. We are developing apps for your smartphone to help anyone gather and submit information anonymously!