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Book Publications

8Trees Inc. staff have worked hard to write, design and illustrate educational children’s books, some of which are now published! Check out the list below for more information!

What's Under That Log?

Have you ever wondered what critters are living in your own backyard? This book is all about investigating the nature around you and introduces children to basic biology terms. Herpetology is a branch of zoology that studies amphibians and reptiles. Where can you find these herps? Let’s start by checking under that log!

Author: Katharine Yagi

Illustrator: Heather Yagi

Publisher: Olympia Publishers

Ontario Herps at Risk: Wetlands

This activity book will teach children basic biology terms and how to identify some native reptile and amphibian species in Ontario. Herpetology is the study of amphibians and reptiles, and “herps” is a term biologists use to refer to these lovely crawling critters! Where can you find these animals? Let’s start by learning about Wetland ecosystems!

Author: Anne Yagi & Katharine Yagi

Illustrator: Heather Yagi

Publisher: 8Trees Inc.

My Nature Notes

Field notebooks are widely used by field technicians, biologists, environmental scientists and more! This notebook is for kids who want to practice writing down their observations from the field. Check out the last few pages for some tips on how to identify the wildlife you see!

Author: 8Trees Inc.

Publisher: Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing