What We Do ...


Fish and Wildlife Assessment Projects

  • Presence/absence, mark-recapture, telemetry,  habitat use, migration studies, habitat mapping including specialize habitats such as wetlands, spawning habitat, snake and turtle overwintering habitat, movement corridors.
  • Fish community assessments, creel surveys, benthic invertebrate surveys, temperature, groundwater and stream flow monitoring, small mammal surveys, snake and salamander cover board surveys, and winter aerial surveys for resident wildlife  such as, deer, coyote, wild turkey, eagles and hawks.


Species at Risk Recovery Projects

  • Write Species Recovery Strategies
  • Author and design stewardship outreach and educational materials
  • Reptile and Amphibian  presence/absence, mark-recapture, telemetry, and species at risk critical habitat  surveys and mapping
  • Overwintering habitat "life zone" monitoring for snakes and turtles
  • Meet with stakeholders to negotiate recovery projects


Other Related Projects

  • Expert Witness (Provincial, Federal Court, Mining Commissioner and Ontario Municipal Board  in the areas of fish biology and habitat, wetlands, deer biology,  freshwater turtles, Massasauga rattlesnakes and general wildlife biology. 
  • Conduct Venomous snake Health and Safety training for workers 
  • Public Speaking (Fisheries, Wildlife, Wetlands and Species at Risk)
  • Provincial Wetland Evaluations  and boundary checks
  • Membership with the Canadian Herpetological Society, American Fisheries Society, Canadian Division, Southern Ontario Chapter  


Examples of our work


Fish and Wildlife Projects

  • Niagara River Watershed Fish Community Assessment 
  • Niagara River Remedial Action- Fish population Impairment- Determination of Delisting Criteria 
  • Welland River Fish Passage Assessment at Old Welland Canal Junction-White Sucker and Walleye Telemetry Project 
  • Niagara River Bathymetry and Habitat Mapping Project 
  • Grand River Fisheries Management Plan
  • Brook Trout Distribution and Abundance in Upper 12 Mile Creek
  • Welland River Walleye Restoration
  • Welland River shoreline naturalization conceptual design
  • Winter Aerial Census for Deer in Dundas Valley-Hamilton ON
  • Wetland Evaluations 
  • History of Game Birds in the Niagara Region
  • Effects of Over browsing by Deer on the Carolinian Vegetation Community- Navy Island deer exclosure experiment


Species at Risk Projects

  • Fowler’s toad Recovery Implementation Team (A.Yagi Chair)
  • Ontario Dusky Salamander Recovery  Implementation Team (A.Yagi Co-Chair)
  • Grey Ratsnake, Massasauga rattlesnake and Spotted Turtle Recovery Team Member 
  • Effects of Beaver Flooding on Spotted turtle habitat use
  • Effecting of flooding on Massasauga Overwintering sites
  • Snake Community Monitoring during increased  frequency of stochastic events (flood and fire)


Ecosystem Projects

  • Wainfleet Bog Ecosystem Restoration  
  • Frenchman's Creek  Watershed Restoration- A Grass Roots Approach
  • A Watershed Approach to restoring wetland marsh habitat- Cootes Paradise-Hamilton
  • Characterization and Delineation of Overwintering habitat of the Massasauga in a partially mined peatland 

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Field trips...

We are available to lead field trips. 


Lead specialised ecological surveys...

Nocturnal surveys for wildlife are specialised volunteer based surveys. Contact us if you want to be part of this initiative.


Working closely with our partners

"Joad the Fowler's toad" is  the Fowler's toad mascot. He is available for community events. Please contact www.landcareniagara.com to arrange your event.

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Public Speaking

We are available to present ecological topics to your club or organization. Please contact us.


Environmental Monitoring

We are experienced in a wide range of environmental  system monitoring for example, species and community level biological surveys (presence-absence, distribution and abundance, mark-recapture, morphology, biometry),  wetland boundaries, hibernation habitat, temperature, water quality and flow.



We are continuing  to mentor people in a renewal of the ecosystem approach to problem solve complex environmental issues.