"Joad the Toad" with the Fowler's Toad Recovery and Implementation Team, June 2017.

One of our priorities at 8Trees Inc. is to facilitate a mentorship program for students, technicians and biologists in ecological research and monitoring, and provide outreach and education to the public when opportunities arise.


What do we offer the public?

  • Educational seminars and presentations
  • Outreach materials at public events
  • Opportunities for volunteering
  • Opportunities to participate in Citizen Science data collection

What does our mentorship program offer?

  • Experience in team work and communication
  • Enhancement of problem solving and critical thinking skills
  • Enhancement of time management skills
  • Experience in ecological field work
  • Experience in various data collection techniques
  • Experience in data management
  • Experience in report writing
  • Networking in academic, government and non-government circles