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Your contributions will help support our student mentorship program, and further support our conservation and ecological restoration goals! 

Support Wildlife and the Environment through our Partners!

Sponsor a Tree!

Each year Land Care Niagara provides trees for the City of Niagara Fall’s Schools in Bloom project and for the Niagara Envirothon – North America’s largest high school environmental education competition.
The donation of a tree for their school grounds commends them on their environmental awareness and encourages them to help create a sustainable community.

Support Wildlife Conservation

The Toronto Zoo Wildlife Conservancy is a key player in the fight against extinction. By working to secure financial resources for the crucial wildlife conservation work being done by the Toronto Zoo, they enable research and achieve recovery goals by preserving endangered species, breeding and reintroducing endangered animals into the wild, and creating opportunities to reconnect people with nature.

Support HSC Community Programs

Haldimand Stewardship Council (HSC) provides opportunities for all community members to become involved through their various programs, including; the Wetland Restoration Program, the Rural Tree Planting Program, and the Gray Ratsnake Recovery Project.

Support ON Community Programs

Ontario Nature (ON) has active community science programs such as the Breeding Bird Atlas and the Ontario Reptile and Amphibian Atlas. There are a variety of ways to support ON programs.

Support Recovery Action Programs by WPC

Wildlife Preservation Canada (WPC) is committed to conservation work, acting as Canada’s last defence for endangered species. WPC focuses on recovery action projects and collaborates with recovery teams and other organizations across the country.