Biological Data Collection Tools

Why do we need them?

Collecting enough adequate data is  necessary for all projects across our landscape, whether it is for scientific research or planning development.

Having specific information about land use by our native species is imperative to ensure any development planning takes into consideration the correct and most up-to-date information about the land. 

Having this information will also make any scientific research more efficient and far less time consuming!

Who uses these tools?

The community!


We believe the people who live in any areas targeted for development or other land use plans are the best eyes and ears to detect any and all plant and animal residents. 

How are these tools used?

By simply using an app for your smartphone!

Our Smartphone Applications


MyField App

This smartphone application is available for both iPhone and Android users! Get started by creating an account today!

How is it used?

  1. To easily document any notable sighting of a plant or animal, use this app to simply take a picture of your observation. 
  2. Other relevant data are automatically assigned to the photo (i.e. date, time, location, weather), and the user can add more information when possible (i.e. type of plant or animal). 
  3. The photo and data are saved in your app, and can later be uploaded to your My Field Diary on our Aerial database. 
  4. Log into your Aerial account any time to view and edit your My Field  Diary!


MyFish App

Coming soon.


The Biologist Toolbox

Coming soon.